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F U L L M O O N E X P E R I E N C E with Jennifer Lynne Le Vine W

Oct 7, 2022 7:30 PM

During a Full Moon, the Sun & Moon are opposite one another in the sky. They view eachother head-on to bring out the full spectrum of energies carried by both cosmic bodies. We are illuminated by the seen & unseen, the known & unknown, and the shadow & light. 
At this moment we embrace our shadow side, so we can release & transform it. We view and accept our shadows so we can shift our energy and step towards our light. 
Aries is quick to point out where we need change. Ruled by Mars and exemplified by a ram, Aries is known to be a warrior. As a fire sign, it’s important to direct this internal fire to break through fears and doubt. To take a moment to settle our energy, align with our breath, and move our body. 
F L O W + R E S T O R E
M A N T R A + M U D R A
R E F L E C T I O N + W R I T I N G
S O U N D + M E D I T A T I O N

We’ll honor the fullness of the moon & qualities of Aries + speak to its correlation with the energy of its counterpart, the Libra sun. In this 90-minute experience, Jennifer Lynne Le Vine will guide you through a flow, integrating mantras, mudras (hand gestures) and philosophy for this specific full moon. The experience will include journal prompts and Jennifer will seal the practice with a sound bowl experience.

You’ll receive a crystal + plant-based tonic from @dharmadelights that aligns with the full moon.

Bring a journal, a pen, an open heart and an open mind :)
Open to all levels. 
Friday | Oct 7 | 7:30pm
$40 - Non-Members / $34 - Unlimited Members 
Non-refundable but may be transferred

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U N D O N E P L U S with Laura Lusson (Rest | Restore | Harmonize)

Oct 9, 2022 5:00 PM

Drop into a sacred sunday with U N D O N E  P L U S, an experience created and led by Laura Lusson. The experience begins with a restorative/yin blend to prepare the body for rest, yoga nidra (yogic sleep) for deep relaxation,  and a mini sound bath to harmonize the body + mind using sound and vibration to seal the practice. This restorative + repairative experience bring you home to yourself. 

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S A C R E D R E S T: Yoga Nidra + Sound Bath with Sam Bianchini

Nov 4, 2022 7:00 PM

Experience the transformative, healing power of Yoga Nidra in this 90-minute experience.

Called "Yoga Sleep", this deeply relaxing meditation involves a guided visual journey, and allows for the release of physical, mental, and emotional tension to to uncover your intuition and connection. We will finish with a lovely sound bath to truly descend into bliss. Leave feeling clear, connected and filled with joy. Nidra's are personally and loving written by Sam Bianchini.

Sam Bianchini is a 500hr RYT advanced yoga teacher and healer. She has trained with some of the premier teachers of Tantra, Ayurveda, Kundalini, and beyond. She has also devoted nearly a decade of study around the world with many different medicine men and women. She currently teaches 200hr Yoga Trainings in Bali, Peru, and Costa Rica. Sam’s yoga classes are warm, strong, and soulful. She draws extensively from the teachings of Tantra, Ayurveda, and Forrest Yoga, and is known best for her communal classes that are held in the style of a deeply spiritual ceremony.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a sweater as your body temperature may change. Mats + props provided.

$34 - Unlimited Members $44 - Non-Members

Friday | Nov 4 | 7pm

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